Beta RTL interface - everything is "left-side right"


Very curious about the upcoming 8.0 version, I downloaded it as soon as I could.
Expecting a lot from a major version, I was a little disappointed to see nothing “big” from the user standpoint (I was hopping the possibility to add shortcuts in the titlebar).
So when I saw a BETA option in the parameters, I tried it :slight_smile: full of hope.
Alas, no title-bar shorcuts, but a big display bug :slight_smile:

It’s beta work, I know :-).

Ok I’m reading the release doc, and I understand :slight_smile:


hey @arcqus :wave:
We are delighted to introduce the latest version 8.0!
Should you have any inquiries regarding the new features, please feel free to reach out.

Your questions are more than welcome!