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Best way to open a single Google Docs document in OnlyOffice

I would like to see what results I get from opening a copy of a Google Docs document in OnlyOffice – especially how close to the original it is.

What is the best way to do that?

(I don’t as yet want to do an entire import of multiple Google Docs documents.)

I assume that ‘Select all’ + copy-&-paste isn’t an ideal method for copying any Google Docs doc that isn’t ‘plain text’.


Are you using ONLYOFFICE Workspace?
Maybe this will help you:

Remember that google uses document/spreadsheet/presentation files of its own format. And after it converts to docx xlsx and pptx formats (native to us)

So there will not be a completely correct comparison here)

Thanks, @Nikolas. That webpage had me confused and still does. Isn’t it only for Workspace, Workspace Enterprise or cloud users of OnlyOffice? I’m just using the Desktop version (i.e., as far as I know, I am only saving files locally – unless the cloud server is always participating – ? )

I just want to be able to, from time to time (or perhaps often), open an existing Google Docs doc in OnlyOffice, and from that point keep the OnlyOffice version and delete the original Google Drive file.

If the free version of OnlyOffice doesn’t offer any of the options on that webpage (that’s my understanding), am I limited to downloading the Google version in .docx (or .rtf, etc.) within Google Drive and then opening the converted version in OnlyOffice?

I didn’t immediately understand the task you want to accomplish : )

Unfortunately, I didn’t know what you meant ONLYOFFICE desktop

Got it.

  1. You can start by downloading several documents in docx, xlsx, pptx formats from Google Drive (download as).

  2. Edit the documents in OnlyOffice Desktop and upload them back to Google Drive.

As far as I know, Google can edit documents in their original (uploaded) format.

As a quick experiment, I selected an entire document with “cmd-a” (in Google Docs), then copied-&-pasted it directly into a ‘new’ document (.docx) in OnlyOffice.

Only slight variations are evident and even the weblinks in the original were preserved.

Well done, OnlyOfficers!

(I’m guessing that GDocs docs that include complex tables might have some issues for copy-&-paste. I’ll try that next.)

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