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It is observed that Typing in Bangla is not possible on ONLYOFFICE DESKTOP EDITORS document which I randomly do on MS Office docx and Libre Office odt. I’m not sure whether I do not know the procedure or otherwise. Kindly have a look.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. Could you please provide the version of the Desktop Editors you are using and information about your OS?


Sorry for the delay to answer you due to my indisposition. Hope, you won’t mind.

The version of the Desktop Editors is (snap) and the OS is UBUNTU 22.04 64 bit.

Could you please provide a video demonstration of the issue?

I couldn’t follow. My original query was that whether typing in Bangla language on ONLYOFFICE DESKTOP EDITORS is possible and if so then how. I further informed that I do not feel any problem when I type in Bangla language on MS Office and Libre Office.

Now you have suggested for a video demonstration. Am I clear now?

It wasn’t that clear from your original post so I’m sorry for misunderstanding.

Please let me know how do you type on Bangla when working in MS Office or Libre Office. Do you use physical Bangla layout keyboard for input?

For reference, I do not have Bangla layout keyboard and just used virtual keyboard with this layout and did not experience any issues with typing. Possibly I’m missing something.