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Bad work swype input

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Api level: 30
App code: 263
App name: 5.2.0 build 299 SDK
Brand: Redmi
Device: begonia
Device language: Russian
Model: Redmi Note 8 Pro
OS version: 4.14.186-g215472d
Version release: 11
MIUI 12.5.2


In text documents, when you try to slide your finger on the keyboard, and not tap on individual buttons, the text is entered from the second to third times and with poor prediction. Input language Russian and English.

Specially installed several popular keyboards for verification and the result is the same. The list of keyboards is: Gboard, Swiftkey, Yandex, AnySoft Keyboard, Touchpal, Xperia keyboard, Swype, A.I. Type, Emoji keyboard for Xiaomi. Fix it, please!

Demonstrate video

All the best!

Thank you for your feedback, we are planning to release the new version “5.2.1” soon, please update your application once it is released, and if this issue still exist, please write us back.

Hello again,
We have already released our new version " 5.2.1" please install it, and check if the issue remains.


Yes, issues remain in new version.

And. When you hold down the backspace key, does not delete the entire word, on those keyboards where there is such a function. Only on a single click removes one letter.

Thank you for the feedback, we are analysing this issue, I will inform you here with the updates, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Today, the application has been updated.
Entering swype got even worse.
No swype text is entered on the SwiftKey.
On Yandex, spaces are not automatically placed and you need to double-click the space.
Gboard enters, but does not automatically set a space.

Other keyboards were not installed from those that indicated in the first message.

Yandex disk uses your office fork for the Russian market — r-7 office.
If you open their Yandex mail applications section documents and there file .docx, for example, entering swype and automatically puts a space before the next word.
Perhaps this will help somehow, since the architecture, if I remember correctly, is made the same for all platforms so that there is compatibility.

Thank you for your feedback, our Mobile application does not support swipe input, and it is disabled originally, but some keyboards ignore that, and that is why such a behavior.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello. I understand, onlyoffice mobile does not imply full use on mobile devices or not on all mobile devices and keyboard.
And not only swype input therefore the reason.
On flexy, swiftkey, yandex, onlyoffice does not display the input hint bar from the keyboard dictionary. In the previous version 5.2.1, this worked.

It turns out that with the addition of functionality, usability is removed.

It turns out that a good functional application is supposed to be used as a typewriter with control over the input of each symbol.

Perhaps the text is a little emotional.

I will use something more convenient.
All the best!