Backup file not removed

I’m using Workspace on Centos 7. I’ve noticed following:

  1. I create backup using control panel and place backup file in Documents (Common)
  2. Once I download backup file from documents I delete it (from web interface)
  3. After checking on filesystem, file is still there

For each backup that I perform, without manually removing *.gz backup file from filesystem, previous backup file is included in new backup. Meaning, I create backup today ‘localhost-dd-mm-yyyy_hh-mm.tar.gz’ with size of 5 GB.
I download backup file locally and delete it from documents module.
Next week I perform backup again, new backup file size is 10 GB, and it includes new files (5GB) and previously deleted backup file (5GB) that remains on filesystem for example in /Data/…/files_4000/file_3557/v1/content.gz.
In one month, when performing weekly backup, backup file size grows from 5 GB to 40+ GB.

Workaround is to delete files from filesystem manually after each backup and after deleting it from Documents module, but this is something that I suppose should not be so by design.

All advice and help appreciated.
Thank you.

Hello @vedran.milicevic
Please go to the host and run yum list installed | grep onlyoffice (for package) or docker ps (for docker installation). Please show us the result.

Also point me to the guide which you used for installation and provide us with whole Community Server logs folder. It’s located here:



I’ve used script from

used: bash -it WORKSPACE

Output of yum installed packages is:

sudo yum list installed | grep onlyoffice

11.1.0-438 @onlyoffice
onlyoffice-controlpanel.noarch 2.9.1-369 @onlyoffice
6.2.2-21 @onlyoffice
onlyoffice-xmppserver.noarch 11.0.0-102 @onlyoffice

Please let me know how and where should I put tar.gz of /var/log/onlyoffice folder?

Thank you.

These component versions are old. Is it possible to make an update and re-check the issue after that? With this step, we will eliminate the possibility of the presence of an old bug that has already been fixed in latest versions.

Please prepare whole server backup just in case > download actual installation scrip here: Installing server version using the provided script - ONLYOFFICE > run it with –u true flag for update process. Example: bash –u true

Additional information about script parameters is here: Installing server version with additional script parameters - ONLYOFFICE

NB! Please prepare whole server backup before update process. If something goes wrong during the update, you will be able to rollback quickly.

I’m ahead of that. Already installed latest version in my local VMware Workstation.
After that I’ve restored backup created on server I’ve (not yet) sent you log files from and with “older” versions of components.
Tried to repeat the issue and succeeded.

Here is installed versions from my vmware replica host:

$ sudo yum list installed | grep onlyoffice
11.6.0-528 @onlyoffice
onlyoffice-controlpanel.noarch 3.0.3-410 @onlyoffice
7.0.0-132 @onlyoffice
onlyoffice-xmppserver.noarch 11.0.0-113 @onlyoffice

So, I create a backup, place it in Common > BACKUP folder (created this one).
Backup is created and after that I choose DELETE FILE. Web ui shows file deleted, but on filesystem file remains.

Conclusion, issue persist on version stated above.
Please advise further.
Thank you.

Do I understand you right that you prepared portal backup via Control Panel on the ‘old’ component versions and restored it on the new server with the latest components? If so, please note that we do not recommend such actions. There’s difference in MySQL tables between Community server versions, so such action can provoke issues.

Correct way is updating portal to latest version before migration process.

If it’s possible, would you mind updating your main portal and re-check the issue? If issue still persists, please place Community server logs on any external storage and provide us with download link.

I’ve updated packages on “old” server.

11.6.0-528 @onlyoffice
onlyoffice-controlpanel.noarch 3.0.3-410 @onlyoffice
7.0.0-132 @onlyoffice
onlyoffice-xmppserver.noarch 11.0.0-113 @onlyoffice

Afterwards I’ve created backup, deleted it from Common\Backup folder.
File is still on filesystem.
Got screenshots before and after but cannot upload them due to “new users” policy.

Is it removed from Trash folder too? I have changed your forum status, please provide us with Community server logs.

Damn…I haven’t checked trash at all.
Now I see there are some files there.
Let me perform backup and remove and see where would deleted backup go afterwards.
Will post here shortly…
Thank you.

Trash it is.
After deleting file from documents module, file “goes” into trash, but stays on filesystem in case I decide to restore file back.
After emptying trash, file magically disappears.
Thank you for effort and help. Totally dumb of me to forget about trash at all.
Case closed.