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Backup documents without the backup process

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Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe) EXE self-hosted
OS: Windows Server

The backup process in OnlyOffice (OO) works great.
Except for one thing.
99% of the files haven’t changed since the last backup.
As our repository grows, our backups get bigger and bigger, but the nightly backup we’re pushing to our backup sites is 99% the same thing as the night before.
Is there a file system path that contains all the files that we can safely “mirror” to our backup sites, so that we’re only pushing changes nightly, instead of an entire effective snapshot?

Hello @charles

We do not recommend you to push such ‘partial’ backups because it will cause a lot of problems. Due to the peculiarities of file system of Workspace, all information about files is stored in MySQL database, so if you copy the files from Workspace to your backup site and continue working with the portal, certain information about the files in the database will change and after putting backed up files back to their original path you will not find them in the user interface since the database has changed. Simply, Workspace will treat those files as non-existing because they are not stated in the database anymore.
So I can recommend you to manage your backups on your site to delete unnecessary backups after certain period of time and keep making full backups from Workspace interface.

Thanks for the response. The issue isn’t the size of the backups at the backup sites. It’s pushing the backups every night, with an archive that only gets bigger.
Perhaps OO would consider revising the backup process so that, say, there’s a “full backup” once a week, and an incremental the other 6 days? We have a mail server that does that, so that we don’t have huge backups every single night.

We have the suggestion to add incremental backups enhancement registered in our internal system under the number 56357. Unfortunately, there is no approximate date of the release.