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Background & Graphic letter paper

Good morning.
I’m looking all over Docs for a way to make a colored page background or “letter paper” background repeatedly on all pages. To better understand my search it is the equivalent of “Format / Page Style / Background” in LibreOffice. This is a function that I miss a lot, especially since when preparing this kind of page with Word or Writer and saving in DOC, DOCX or ODT, OnlyOffice always opens them in a white background, it does not take them into account. . Do you have a trick or can I hope for the arrival of this function one day?
I use OnlyOffice on Windows 11, Linux Mint, and Android in conjunction with KDrive cloud. My goal is to be able to separate myself from Microsoft 365 and LibreOffice.
Translated by Google, sorry. :cold_sweat:

Hello @SauPhi

I’m checking the situation. Once any news come up, I will update the thread.

Right now colored background feature is not implemented in our editors.
The enhancement suggestion to add this functionality is registered in our internal tracker, I’ve added your query to it.
Unfortunately, we do not have any estimated dates of the introduction of this feature available yet.

Thank you so much.

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