Background colors semi-broken when on Docspace

I have a tough time reading on a white background, so I change the background of my documents to black with white text.

For some reason Docspace sets only the main content area of my document black, while the rest including the Header is reset to white background. When I download the document it opens up normal with a black ground in Office.

Trying to change the background including the borders to black even with a blank document seems to be broken in Docspace. I really need to set the entire page background black for my eyes… :frowning:

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Hey @Magos_Cybernetica :handshake:
Could you please provide an example document, excluding any sensitive data, so that we can better understand the scenario to reproduce the issue?

If you provide a video recording demonstrating the issue, it will help us better understand and reproduce the problem. :upside_down_face: