Automatically update date

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I use both desktop editors and the document server so a solution in either would be great. Primarily desktop though.

I am using the latest stable version however I believe the answer will be the same across versions

It is possible to insert a date from the toolbar. On the popup there is an option at the bottom to automatically update. However I can’t work out how this update is triggered. It appears to just become text once it has been inserted. Any hints?
My preference would be the date updates each time the file is opened.

Hi, please specify whether you use ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors or ONLYOFFICE Document Server. Also please specify the version of the product you are using.

I updated original with this. I omitted originally because I didn’t think it relevant to my query

Do you use the latest version of Desktop/Docs (v7.1)? In this version we fixed the time&date update, so it displayed correctly each time the file is re-opened.

I do use the latest version and it did not update a date I previously inserted. I have however removed that and performed the insert again so I guess I will know tomorrow if it has worked

In fact I changed my system date, inserted a date, then changed it back and reopened the file. The date in the document did not update.

The version of desktop editor I am using is on Windows and is version

I have done some further playing and have got it working in limited circumstances.

Where it does not work:

  1. Existing file, if this is saved with Save As making a new file it works
  2. Inside a text box (does not work at all), this is what I am using for formatting in the document in question.

To test number 2. Insert a date with auto update. Create a text box elsewhere and insert a date there too with auto update. Close file. Change date forwards on computer. Open file again.

Let me know if you’re having trouble replicating or if you want me to do anything to raise this as a bug?

Good day, Matt

We’re currently trying to replicate the issue. So far we’ve found out that indeed the date & time insterted into a text box does not update.

As for the first case, could you provide a file with an inserted date & time for us to test?

I just tried to replicate it myself in the file that I previously used but it appears to work now as long as it isn’t in a text box. I don’t know why the behaviour seems different but it appears that that may not be an issue. Just the text box.

We’ve reproduced the issue and are analyzing it currently, thank you for pointing it out! Once it is solved, we will inform you


We have registered this issue (time and date not updating inside the text box) as a bug #57342 in our internal tracker. When the fix is released, we will inform you at once.