Automatically load Regional Settings information (Ubuntu)

Hello, I installed OO using the Ubuntu snap which worked great. First impressions is that this is very slick. However, I was suprised to see that the “Regaional Settings” was set to En_US when this information is set at the system level and easily available. It was easy enough to check but I thought that this could be a nice and easy improvement.

Is this something which could be implemented?

Hello Batwan.
Please clarify what product you are using (Desktop editor or ONLYOFFICE Docs).Do I understand you right that you mean File > Advanced settings > Regional settings for xlsx files?

Hello Alex,

I’m using the Desktop Editor as available in Ubuntu’s Store as snap package and yes, I mean File > Advanced settings > Regional settings for xlsx files?

I have just noticed that this settings actually only appears for spreadsheets and not for Documents or Presentation.

Hello Batwan.

Sorry for the late reply.

We have looked at this request closer. We added your suggestion to internal tracksystem (internal number - 46087). We need some time to discuss it within the team, so I cannot provide you with exact timeframes of this feature release at the moment.

No worries, thanks for following ip Alex. Hopefully this will be an easy update

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