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Automatic Naming of Downloaded File

It would be nice to setup an option to automatically name the file to be downloaded, once the form is complete, to filled out sections from the form or a predetermined file name setup. For example: if the form is a fillable timesheet with a “Name” array of the employee, and if there is a date field, then upon file download you can specify that the file gets automatically named " - ", etc.

Hello @foxhoundvenom
Please provide us with details of desired scenario. Do I understand it right: a user opened oform file for filling it out > file was filled out > click Save as PDF: on this step you want to achieve file renaming depending on the filled data in the file?
If it’s possible please record a videofile with description or make screenshots, we need to understand the whole scenario of your idea.
By the way, what kind of product are you using? Separate Document server which is integrated with your storage or Workspace?

Hello @Alexandre,

Yes, that is correct for your understanding. I guess the only part that might need clarification is in how it would be setup per oform. If there was an panel or pane that opens when you want to save the oform originally, it could ask first if the creator wants to allow automatic naming. If yes, then it informs the user that for it to work it needs to utilize the named field section of the field desired to be used for this. This way the creator can then maybe put names in brackets or something like it to setup how the naming convention should go. And even better would be a location that can also be setup to save copies / submitted.

I am using Nextcloud AIO with OnlyOffice. In my opinion OnlyOffice is way better than Collabora and I try to pursuade others to use OnlyOffice. I am including the link of Nextcloud AIO. It is installed as a Docker Container. I will try to fabricate some pictures of what it could look like and post them in a few hours.


  1. Example of created Oform
  1. Field used for naming purposes *must be filled in for use
  1. Choose to save OForm once complete
  1. Automatic Naming option appears (I don’t know if this would have to be implemented with Nextcloud or through OnlyOffice).
  1. Option to save a copy when a person chooses to Download the completed filled out form. Also in this box is a way to choose where it will go.

Thank you for description and provided screenshots. We need some time to discuss internally. I will notify you when we have something to share.

We have checked described scenario and we added your suggestion to internal tracksystem (internal number - 58556). We need some time to check it out, so I cannot provide you with exact timeframes of this feature release at the moment.