Automatic copies of PDF files

Hey there,

Since the release of the newest onlyoffice update 2.5, we are experiencing problems with PDF files. Every time we open a pdf file, a copy of the file gets created automatically, overflowing the relevant folders with copies of pdf files.

This notification appears after open every pdf file, and the photo belows shows a folder with pdf copies:

Is this a known bug that is being worked on, or is there any way we could turn this off so the folder does not overflow.

Thanks a lot!


Please provide a video showing the reproduction of the issue (with devTools Console and Network tabs open).
What is the method of DocSpace installation you used?
What is the OS?

Hey Dmitiriv,

Thanks a lot for the reply. Could you tell me what devconsole and network tabs are, then I’ll proceed?

In Google Chrome browser you can press Ctrl+Shift+I to open the devTools (or you can go to Settings → More Tools → Developer Tools) -

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Anyways this is the error that is shown:

The copies are created both on the desktop editor and online versions of docspace. I use Linux + brave browser, but the automatic copying happens on every other using it on whatever device since latest update :slight_smile: Thank you

Hello, we are currently analyzing the issue, thank you for the info provided.

Please also provide an example file on which the issue is reproduced for testing purposes.

Ciao, what would you like me to do? Send you a file or give you the name of one of them?

Hello, for now it is the default behavior that a copy is created when pdf files are opened. This behavior may be modified for future versions

It is very useless to create a copy of a PDF file when you open it.
Furthermore the copy is created even when you use the preview command!
Please strip off this functionality as soon as you can or at least let the user to enable it.