Authentication issues with viewing file history

When viewing the history, the parameter “changesUrl” is set, but when the document server fetches the change file, why doesn’t it come with Token information?

hi @Charles.yin :handshake:
You need to sign the version history with a token yourself: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Document History.

  • Are you encountering any errors when implementing version history with JWT?
  • What response is received from the Document Server?

Hi Nikolas ,
Currently, I have fetched the change file from the onlyoffice server and stored it in my own file server, but when I check the history from the page, the download of the change file from my local server does not carry the TOKEN information, is this correct? What can I do to solve this problem? Thanks.

ps: In the latest 7.5 version, the address of the download file doesn’t contain TOKEN anymore either?

Looking forward to hearing from you! @Nikolas


If I understand correctly, your issue persists in this thread. Can we continue the discussion in that thread?

Can close the issue now, thanks a lot!