Are dynamic arrays supported in Spreadsheet?

On the one hand I see SEQUENCE() available. On the other hand it returns nothing but first value.
Similar, something like =A1:A10 returns only A1 value.
Same for EXPAND(). However, TAKE() and DROP() somehow work.
Did I missed something of that was not implemented? If the latest why SEQUENCE() is here?

Okay, I see. If I’d like SEQUENCE(257) I need to select 257 cells down and CSE. Any chances you will support dynamic arrays natively?

Hello @SergeiStPete
Would you mind providing us with a test file with usage scenario description? We will check it out.

@Alexandre , I mean the ability to work with arrays in grid without CSE

Understood, thank you. We are working on it already. Unfortunately, I cannot provide exact time frames at the moment. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

No problems. It’s important you take this into account and hopefully implement one day. Otherwise you’ll be too far from behemoths of Spreadsheet business.

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