Apply formula to all cells below a given cell (semi-infinite range)

How can I do SUM(E3:E), ie. sum all cells below E3?
I can sum the entire column with SUM(E:E) but is there a way to apply a formula to a semi-infinite range ?

The use case is that I need the formula to be applied to new data as they are added at the end of the range without worrying about a possible limit.

Thanks in advance, I know this is probably a noob question but I couldn’t easily find how to do this (after some googling, searching this forum and asking an LLM).

In case it matters :
I’m using the desktop editor version (x64 exe), downloaded from the website.

You can use the following formula to achieve the desired result: =SUM(E4:E1048576)
1048576 is a maximum possible number of rows for Spreadsheet Editor (same as in Excel)