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Api integration of spreadsheets


I have onlyoffice workspace installed by sh script in docker without mail server. Actually i use only community and document servers.

I need to extract some data automaticaly from xlsx file whats in onlyoffice workspace. I read documentation but didn’t find solution.
For now i see the only way to do it with macros in the xlsx file. Please give me advice, how should i do it better.

Hello @pudge
Please provide us with details of desired scenario (step-by-step). Do I understand it right, that you want to get cell contents from spreadsheets by plugin?

I see it like this:

-my app making http request (contains auth token, file name, coordinates of cell or range) to api endpoint
-response contains cell or range values

Understood, we need some time to figure out the scenario. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Probably there’s a way to achieve your scenario with DocBuilder: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Web Document Builder API
You can get files from Workspace with this method: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Get file download link
After that you can send a request to DocBuilder and specify file path of your downloaded file to OpenFile() method.
To get data from a cell you can use this method: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - GetValue. Also you can implement GlobalVariable method (ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - How it works). This way you can create a new file (method CreateFile()) and fill it out with extracted data.