Anybody know, how correctly connect onedrive?

Good afternoon, I’m trying to connect OneDrive to ONLYOFFICE and as a result I get an error
"We’re unable to complete your request
unauthorized_client: The client does not exist or is not enabled for consumers. If you are the application developer, configure a new application through the App Registrations in the Azure Portal at Bing

To set up the connection, I used the instructions on the link

But the instruction does not contain information about what type of platform to specify for Redirect Uri. And what URI - in the case of the OnPromis server installation

Document Server version:
Type of installation of the Document Server - docker
OS: Ubuntu 20.04

Hello @chsittan
Do you have only separated Document server? The mentioned guide is for Groups\Workspace solutions to sync data between your portal and OneDrive. You have to install Groups or Workspace to use this feature.
If I misunderstood the request, please clarify it.