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Any way to see ALL Mark-Up in balloons on the right at the same time?

When we have Track Changes on, we see that the changes are underlined and in a different color. We’d like to see all of the changes like we see them in Word, with balloons on the margin pointing to where the changes were made. Is there a way to accomplish this with OnlyOffice?
Right now we’re only see 1 balloon at a time as we move from change to change in the text.

Hello @twilliams

You can change a display mode: Collaboration Tab > Display Mode > Markup and balloons. It allows both viewing the suggested changes and editing the document. Changes are highlighted in the document text and displayed in balloons.

As we can see from our database, you have a commercial license. It’s better to contact us via Zendesk to get prompt replies.

Hello, I reckon the described behavior (confirmed here) is not happening. I just tested it on the official demo page: I made a comment and a tracked change. None of the balloons remain displayed if the cursor is not on the selected text.

To say it differently, I find litterally no difference between “Markup and balloons” and “Only markup” modes.

Please advise: should I create a github ticket for this bug and on which OO repository?

Hello @pHneutre
Do I understand it right that you final goal is displaying all balloons for comments at the same time?

Only insofar as it is the documented goal of the “Markup and Balloons” display option. :slight_smile: At least it’s understanding what this option is supposed to do.

Yes. So it more closely resembles Word.

Hello @twilliams and @pHneutre
I understand your desired scenario. We’re checking the situation. I will come back to this thread as soon as possible.

Hello @pHneutre
Could you please provide us with example of your test file where you enabled “Markup and Balloons” mode and file contains changes?
As for the situation in general, we added requests to display all changes at the same time to internal tracksystem.

Hi, I don’t have a specific file, my question was general. Thanks for adding a request to fix that, could you provide an issue link please?

It’s located in internal tracksystem. Sorry, I can’t provide the link, but I will update this thread when we have something to share.