Сan't change the font in any file

There is no drop-down menu with a list of all installed fonts. When I enter the name of the font by myself, it gives an error: “The font you are about to save is not available on the current device. The text style will be displayed using one of the system fonts, the saved font will be used when it becomes available. Do you want to continue?”

MacBook Air M1
OS version: macOS Sonoma 14.3.1 (23D60)
App version: ONLYOFFICE 8.0.0
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

I can verify that I have the same issues.

MacBook Pro 2017
OS version: macOS Ventura 13.6.5 (22G610)
App version: ONLYOFFICE 8.0.0
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Hi @FrEggroll95 @Vorobiov, we’re looking into the scenario you mentioned.

Could you please let us know if you’re able to share everything from the folder:

/Users/[YourName]/Library/Application\ Support/asc.onlyoffice.ONLYOFFICE/data/fonts/

Here’s what I have in that folder

Can I ask you to attach an archive with files in private messages?

Unfortunately, there is a restriction on the file formats that can be attached on the forum.
Could you please provide a link to an external storage instead?

I meant not the image, but rather the archived physical files from the directory :slight_smile:

/Users/[YourName]/Library/Application\ Support/asc.onlyoffice.ONLYOFFICE/data/fonts/

Sent new link in private messages

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I had already uninstalled ONLYOFFICE 8.0 and orphan files that remained, clean reinstalled 7.5.1, and then updated app within app from menu to 8.0. Seems to have corrected the issue.

Where can I find this version?

I had saved it when I downloaded it as a backup. I don’t think older versions can be downloaded that I know of.

Can you please share the link with installation file via Wetransfer or any other service?

@Vorobiov @FrEggroll95

Guys, we have conducted testing on the issue using ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version 8.0. The behavior of our editor is as expected.

Upon opening a document, there is background parsing of system fonts. This process requires some time as images for the font combo box are generated in the background, which will be accessible later on.

@Vorobiov a special thank you to you! :heart_hands: