[ANSWERED] Proper Desktop Editors Version to Download to Pop!_OS?

I just got a new Linux laptop from System76 that’s running Pop!_OS. Which is the correct / proper / best version of Desktop Editors to download and install for this OS?

I’m trying Debian 8 (found here https://www.onlyoffice.com/download-desktop.aspx) which seems to have installed correctly, but the installer, called Eddy, still claims it’s “installing” and doesn’t want me to close the Eddy window.

I’m not sure if this is a question for this forum or for System76. It feels like somewhere in between, but I’m starting here.

UPDATE: I “killed” Eddy that said it was still installing. I then found a way to install OnlyOffice via the GUI (instead of the Terminal). It installed the Flatpak version 7.3.0, so all is good now.

Hello @Glsonn

We are glad to hear that the problem is solved.