Android and IOS App with Nextcloud no LDAP Auth possible

Hello together,

Device: All Mobile Devices we tested
OS version: Latest Versions (android and IOS)
App version: 5.5.2, build 410
Mode: Connect to Nextcloud

we tried to use the Mobile App with some of our Nextcloud Servers.
We got on the Servers with LDAP Auth from Microsoft AD the error message on the cloud server:
“PROPFIND /remote.php/dav/files/USERNAME/ HTTP/1.1” 404 6560 “-” “okhttp/3.14.9”

In the App we got error message “adress not found”

If we use a local Account on this cloud the app works like a charm.

Could someone help us?

Noticeable is that the Onlyoffice App sends the username to the server instead of the LDAP SID. If I connect to the cloudservers by Browser there is the User SID in the request like so:
“PROPFIND /remote.php/dav/files/D16C2A8C-9F9D-4F1D-B520-4BD9E2EE55C6/ HTTP/1.1”

Thank you!

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Hello @jwilbois
It seems strange. Is it possible to run a few tests? First of all, please check out your LDAP settings. Here’s a screenshot for reference:

The point is that usually line 1 is empty. So, user creation scenario uses not uid of Nexcloud, but uuid by LDAP. Try to set up uid as it perists on the screenshot. This step will work for new accounts only, for old ones, use button 2 on the screenshot.

Also probably these titles will be useful:
Accessing Nextcloud files using WebDAV — Nextcloud latest User Manual latest documentation - official Nextcloud documentation
"LDAP user and group backend" and access via WebDAV - ℹ️ Support - Nextcloud community - ldap issue with similar scenario.

Please let us know if it solved the situation.

Thank you for reply and sorry for the delay. Couldn’t come back faster.

I have to test this on an other new installed cloud, because there is an Warning displayed on the second button.
“Never delete the assignments in a productive environment. Only delete the assignments in a test or experiment environment.”
I am afraid to klick that button.

I will make a test and will report here if its successful!

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Sure, please keep us posted.