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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

An error occurred while saving the file

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When I clicked the Save button after editing the document, a box popped up that said:An error occurred while saving the file. Please use the ‘Download as’ option to save the file to your computer hard drive or try again later.
Please help to answer it, thank you very much!

Start commandSfcCallback: docId = 1313714027
[2022-12-01T16:18:42.036] [DEBUG] nodeJS - getCallbackByUserIndex: docId = 1313714027 userIndex = 1 callbacks = {“userIndex”:1,“callback”:“ (16).docx”}
[2022-12-01T16:18:42.038] [DEBUG] nodeJS - Callback commandSfcCallback: docId = 1313714027 callback =
[2022-12-01T16:18:42.039] [DEBUG] nodeJS - postData request: docId = 1313714027;url =;data = {“key”:“1313714027”,“status”:7,“users”:[“78ele841”],“actions”:[{“type”:2,“userid”:“78ele841”}],“lastsave”:“2022-12-01T08:18:40.000Z”,“forcesavetype”:1}
[2022-12-01T16:18:42.065] [DEBUG] nodeJS - postData response: docId = 1313714027;data = {“error”:0}
[2022-12-01T16:18:42.066] [DEBUG] nodeJS - End commandSfcCallback: docId = 1313714027
[2022-12-01T16:18:42.066] [DEBUG] nodeJS - End receiveTask: docId = 1313714027
[2022-12-01T16:18:42.067] [DEBUG] nodeJS - pubsub message start:{“type”:12,“docId”:“1313714027”,“data”:{“type”:1,“time”:1669882720000,“success”:false}}

Hello @caomei

Sorry for the late reply.
The part of log that you shared is not reflecting why the problem happened. To help you solve this problem please share next information:

  • version of Document Server;
  • full log catalog located in /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver inside of container;
  • type and version of external storage, e.g. Nextcloud, ownCloud, etc. (if integrated).

Waiting for your reply.