All translations for OnlyOffice in a single file

All translations for OnlyOffice in a single file (one file for each “English”<->“translation language” pair)

It will be much interest to obtain a single file for all OnlyOffice translations (web-apps, desktop-apps, plugins, etc.) for each different language, in a TMX or similar format. This file must be downloadable in an anonymous way, if possible, to download it by script or an automatic process. That file (one for each language), can be generated weekly or monthly.

This file can be used to improve quality on OnlyOffice translations:

  • improve consistency (same translation for same word in same context), this is very important for translation teams with more than one member

  • run quality tests: there are some translation teams that have their own infrastructure to detect typos and errors in translated files (LanguageTool, quality reports, etc.)

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hello @txemaq
We already have translation system where users can help us with translating documentation\app interface\guides to different languages. Please check it out:ONLYOFFICE translation - ONLYOFFICE

If you want to join, please contact my colleagues via

Thank you @Alexandre.
Yes, ONLYOFFICE translations are done on site. And this is not a problem.
I’m asking for a file that each translation team can do post-translation checks and quality reports. This file (in a TMX format or similar), with all the ONLYOFFICE translations will be used for each translation team to improve translations quality.
Is this the correct forum to ask for that functionality?

Thank you for your idea, but we are not planning to change current translation system at the moment.