All documents load a skeleton, and nothing else


I am currently working on integrating OnlyOffice into a web app that I’m building. However, when I attempt to load a document, all that appears is a skeleton of the editor. I am trying to load a document from a presigned S3 url.

Hello @asofianidis

First of all, please let us know next items:

  • version of used Document Server;
  • installation of Document Server (Docker, DEB/RPM packages, EXE);
  • type and version of OS of your host server.

In general, please check browser console after loading the page for any errors. If you find any, make screenshots of them to share with us.
Also, provide logs of Document Server after reproducing the issue. Logs can be found:

  • on Windows in C:\Program Files\ONLYOFFICE\DocumentServer\Log\ ;
  • on Linux in /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/ (same path inside the Docker container).