After excel edit save, the callback returns the document address to open , the background color of the header is missing

For bug reports,I’m researching how to use onlyoffice, which requires online previews and editing in company projects. I encountered a problem in this process, that is, after I opened Excel online editing and saving with the web terminal, the background color of the Excel header opened by the document address returned by the callback was lost, and the original document header had a black background color, and the background color of the address returned by the callback after editing became white. I want to ask what is going on and how it needs to be solved.

Document Server version:ONLYOFFICE Community V7.4
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker)
OS:Ubuntu Linux
Browser version:Google Chrome newest

Hello @ReSoSoSiDoSiLa

Can you provide more screenshots of the issue? Do I understand correctly that issue is related to the particular spreadsheet? If so, is it possible to share it for analysis?
In general, video demonstration of the issue would be much appreciated.