After compile ONLYOFFICE Docs for a local server,how can i edit word document on browser?

help please !
after compile ONLYOFFICE Docs for a local server follow Compiling ONLYOFFICE Docs for a local server - ONLYOFFICE ,
I get “Cannot GET /” whenever I browse to http://localhost on the browser, but how can i edit word ,excel,ppt documents on browser? Do I need to do any other steps?

Hello @ZhangJiuQi

This is expected behavior as compiled ONLYOFFICE Docs does not have integrated test example where you can check out editors by uploading and editing documents as opposed to regular installations, e.g. Docker, DEB/RPM packages, etc.

If you want to edit documents via compiled Document Server, you need to integrate it with any application in the first place. For instance, you can download and install our stand-alone test examples and integrate Document Server with one of it:

thanks for your reply , i have tried the nodejs example in url ,but it seems to have no collaborative editing function, is it because this example does not have it? Is there any collaborative editing example in url ?

Did you install Node.js test example from this link?

If so, did you specify address of your compiled Document Server in this line?

"siteUrl": "https://documentserver/"

Compiled Document Server address is http://localhost. Also, you need to make sure that port 80 is opened and available.

By the way, which option did you use to install Node.js test example?