After canceling automatic save, the forced save function is invalid

When I set Autosave to false in the editor and use Forcesave to edit the information in the document, the interface reported an error:{error:4,key:“ac067bc433ec6b5b”}.
How should I solve this problem.

Hello @xixi,
Error 4 means “No changes were applied to the document before the forcesave command was received.”
If you disable autosave, you need to manually save all the changes you add to the document by clicking the Save button. Probably you didn’t do it and the changes were not sent to the server.

Hello, the function I want to implement here is to force saving by clicking the external button after editing the document; But I encountered an error after sending the forced save interface: {error: 4, key: “ac067bc433ec6b5b”}. In fact, I edited the document.

Are you still working with autosave disabled? Please record a video of how you reproduce the issue.

I did it with auto save disabled. Do you mean that the forced save function cannot be implemented with auto save disabled?

Autosave means automatic sending of the changes you add to the document from your browser to the Document Server. If you disable it, you must press the Save button in the editor after you add changes to the document. If you send the forcesave request when there are no changes sent to the document server after the previous saving of the file, you will receive the status 4 reply.

I understand what you mean and thank you very much for your help.