Adjust shadows

Could you make the shadows that you can activate on a standard graphic editable? For example I would like to have a much more blurry and less transparent shadow than the default one.

Thanks for your work!

Hello, @GutmenschAlex

Please describe your idea in details.
Include pictures with descriptions if possible.

Hello Nikolas, thanks for the quick response.

Currently I am only able to select if an object has a shadow or not in the spreadsheet editor:

2023-03-19 15_51_07-Window

Sometimes this shadow doesn’t meet the look I need. Thus I would love to be able to adjust various parameters of the shadow - for example: Color, Blur, Transparency


Hi @GutmenschAlex

Thanks for making your suggestion.

We are working on it already (internal track number - 59823).
I’ve added your request to mentioned suggestion.

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