Adding to numbered lists blanks text

When I open an existing .docx file that was created with MS Office 365, if I insert a numbered list (or use a numbered list already present in the document) then navigate to a list item and press which would add a new line to the list, then that line and all of the remaining list items and all of the remaining text on that page disappears. The text is somehow still there, but not visible, because if I save the document, close, exit, and reload it, then I can see the text again, including my new list item. But inserting a new list item is not possible because one cannot afford to have to save, reload every time a new item is added.

I cannot reproduce this by creating a new document from scratch; I have only been able to produce this when opening an existing document.

So far this only seems to happen in numbered lists.

OS version: POP!_OS (details from /etc/os-release below)

App version: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version (flatpak)
installed from: package manager

I really want to get this working because except for this problem, ONLYOFFICE seems the only viable alternative; LibreOffice makes my files completely unreadable by other people in my department!

Hello @astronomerdave

This issue does not appear on version 7.3.3 of Desktop Editors.
Unfortunately, the latest version for flatpak is 7.3.0. As an alternative, you can try installing Desktop Editors with other method:

That took care of it, thanks!
I always like to start with the package manager, but installing from your .deb was just as easy (had to run a sudo apt --fix-broken install) but I can confirm that 7.3.3 deb works, and does not have this problem.

thank you!

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Glad to hear it.