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AddDefName Invalid after opening the file for the second time

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Document Server version: 7.3
Installation method:
Browser version:

  1. Open Desktop Editors,
  2. Create a new xlsx file
  3. Select the first cell
  4. Run macros
    Then the alias took effect, but after opening the file the second time, the alias disappeared
var oWorksheet = Api.GetActiveSheet();
var activeCell = oWorksheet.ActiveCell;
const cellAddress = activeCell.GetAddress(true, true, true, true);
const nameAddress = cellAddress.split("]")[1];
Api.AddDefName("_test_id", nameAddress);

Hello @huzedong2022

We are checking the situation. I will let you know when any results come up.

Is there a result for this? It’s more important to me

Hello @huzedong2022

We have found out that the mentioned behavior with Api.AddDefName is currently bugged, thus resulting in a name reset after the document is reloaded.
This bug is registered in out internal tracker under the number 62129.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

How soon will a fixed version of this be released, as our project relies on this feature?

Or is there any other solution? Our main function is to add tags to cells. Then dynamically replace the data

Hello @huzedong2022

Unfortunately, there is no estimated date of the fix release available yet.
In theory, you can use comments to store metadata of the cells. This might be the only ‘workaround’ to achieve described scenario.

The document is collaborative among different people, and comments may be deleted.

Hello @huzedong2022

I’m afraid that it is only workaround that comes to my mind.
Maybe setting macro to Auto Start so that when entering the spreadsheet these names are applied can make it work for you.