Add Thumbnail and pop up list for slides in OnlyOffice Presentation mobile app just like in WPS office


I have named the video “thumbnail and pop up list slides”.

  1. In the video, when we go to WPS office settings → View and click Thumbnail and the list of slides appear and when we click on any slide it takes us to that slide. This thumbnail feature could be added to OO mobile app.

  2. When we scroll with the scrollbar(I have already suggested scrollbar feature for OO app) the pop up list for slides shows and when we stop on any slide list it should takes us to that slide. You can add this to turn om/off this option in settings.


thumbnail and pop up list slides

Hi @nicesto :wave:

I will pass on this idea to my colleagues and will come back with the information received later.


We have registered your suggestion to add ability to view reduced slides in several rows and ability to display pop-up slide thumbnails when scrolling slides for mobile devices.