Add numpad for numbers entry

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Add a numpad keyboard for convenient entry of numbers

An example screenshot from WPS

I’ve tried using external keyboards app’s numpad, but it disappears after I press enter instead of continuing entry of numbers

Device: iphone 13

OS version: 18

App version: 8.1

Mode: On Device

Hello @esv

This is an interesting suggestion, we will discuss it internally and I will provide a feedback on it.

This looks like a different topic. May I ask you to create a new post with detailed information about which external keyboard is used exactly and provide a video demonstration of this behavior to separate topics please?

Created a new post Prevent numeric keyboard from hiding/ switching after Enter on a single cell - #2 by esv, but your forum doesn’t allow mov files

You can use stock ios keyboard, it doesn’t have a numpad, but it’s numeric keyboard also closes

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Sorry for the delayed response. I’d like to inform you that we have registered enhancement suggestion to add separate numpad into mobile app for more convenient input of numeric values.

Thank you for your suggestion!