Add more colors in interface theme and add the customize option, so that we can set color in interface theme we want


Add these two features:

a. Add suggested colors like dark grey, dark blue, grey, brown, red, blue, orange etc, there is only four colors in interface theme. Add more of them.

b. Add custom color. I have named the video “custom color mode”. So, in the video we have an option to choose any color we want. This could be made for interface theme.

If You don’t want to add suggestion a. then at least add suggestion b.


custom color mode

Hello @nicesto

I am quite confused because the video references a mobile device while the category of the thread is Desktop Editors. Please clarify if your request is related to the Desktop Editors or Mobile app.


My request is related to Desktop editors.
I have named the screenshot “interface theme”. So the interface theme in OO desktop editor in settings.

About the mobile device, I have sent the same video in Mobile app category for suggestion to add custom background color in OO editors for mobile app.

I only don’t know is it allowed to sent the same video in same or different category or that isn’t allowed.


Thanks. We are planning to introduce the possibility to add custom themes to Desktop Editors just like it can be done with Document Server:

I hope that’s what you are looking for.


It’s good that an option to add any color theme for interface theme will be made in the future.

But I have one question? Will this custom color theme for interface theme be made like in Document Server.

So, Create the .json file that will look like this: so the code in your link that You provided.

Then to Put the created file into the following directory for our OS.

Why can’t we have a simple option to choose like in other DE (Desktop Editors). I have named the screenshot “edit color”. So, to choose like this like in the screenshot.

Or will this suggestion be different from Document Server?

edit color

At the moment we are indeed planning to implement custom themes for Desktop Editors just like it is possible for Document Server.
As for the suggestion to allow users to create/edit themes from the app itself - we need to discuss it internally. I will provide feedback once any news come up.

We discussed internally your idea and added suggestion to implement theme editor in the editors interface. Thank you for the interest to this feature.