Add more color themes or custom color themes in option "Color theme" in OO mobile app


There is only Light and Dark theme and Same as system. I have sent a screenshot named “color theme”, so “Color theme” option in OO mobile app settings.

Add these two suggestions or just custom color theme(option b.):

a. Add more colors so that we can choose like dark grey, dark blue, grey, brown, red, blue, purple etc.

b. Add an option for custom color themes. So to choose any custom color theme we want.

If You don’t want to add option a. then at least add option b.


Hello @nicesto

Thank you for the improvement suggestion. I will pass your idea along. Once a decision is made, I will notify you.

We have registered you suggestion to add more options for the mobile app theme. :handshake:

Thank you for the suggestion. I hope other users will support this idea and share their thoughts in this thread.
However, we do not have any estimated time frames of the release available yet.