Add "From Clipboard" to Replace Image options

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OS version: Win 10 Pro 22H2
App version: (x64 exe)
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Since it is not unusual to add an image to the document by pasting in an image, perhaps it is not so unusual to want to replace that image from the clipboard as well.

So, to the following dialogue,
add “from Clipboard” too.

Hello @DavidRGreen

Sorry, but I’m missing the idea a little bit. It is easier to simply select the image and paste a new one from clipboard with CTRL+V, isn’t it? Like so:
2023-06-08 17-17-26

Indeed, that does sound very good.
And I have tried selecting the image and pressing the Ctrl-V keys.
And I have tried selecting the image and using the right-click context menu option “Paste”.

And in either instance, the result is that the new image is inserted ahead of the existing image, not actually replacing the image.

But it appears that the key is how one selects the image. I have been selecting the image by clicking on it (when the 8 sizing handles appear), but I have noticed that in your demo, you are selecting the image via a click-drag, which selects not only the picture, but a portion under the image as well, which just clicking on the image doesn’t do.

Then the paste action replaces the image, as you said.

So, there is something in that area just under the picture that needs to be selected. And it doesn’t seem to be the “end of paragraph” otherwise you selection would include a similar margin to the right of the image.

So, now I know how to do it the “OnlyOffice” way, which is a method I would have never thought to use, except for selecting multiple items, which is probably what you are doing. :thinking:
Anyway, it is different from the “Microsoft” and “Libre” way.
But now I’m wondering why…

Thanks for the solution :+1:

It makes sense. We will take a look at this difference.
Once any news come up I’ll let you know.

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We have tested the scenario where pasted picture actually gets pasted near another picture in several other editors and based on that we have registered an enhancement suggestion to change this behavior to make it more ‘user-friendly’.
Thank you for pointing to this.

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Thanks for the update

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Hi @Constantine ,

On a couple of the documents I work on, above² some of the images I have shapes with text which I use as pointers to illustrate points.
When I use the click and drag to select the image to replace from the clipboard to update, sometimes those shapes are included in the selection during the click and drag action, and are deleted during the paste “replace” action.

This makes the process a little unreliable in that context, so I have to use the click to select option instead, so that only the image is displaced³. And then delete the old image which remains.

I’m on the 7.4 build now.

² the shapes have a wrap of Above Text
³ during paste, the new image occupies the space of the old image, and the old image sits below (or maybe to the right if it is small enough).

That’s very unfortunate to hear. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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