Add an option to turn files horizontally in OnlyOffice mobile app


Add an option to turn files horizontally when we view or edit them.
I have named the screenshot “view horizontal and vertical”. In the video there is an option to view horizontally and if we want to go back we choose the option to view vertically. I know we have the built in option Rotate in our phone, but it would be better to use turn the files with the suggestion that I made, than with the built in Rotate.


view horizontal and vertical

hey @nicesto :wave:

Thanks for the suggestion. We need some time to discuss it internally.
I will notify you as soon as there is a result. :ok_hand:

Greetings, @nicesto
I suggested your idea to our developers.
At this stage of application development, we have come to the conclusion that using the system screen rotation function is sufficient.

Let’s see in the comments below this post how much this feature is needed by other users. :ok_hand: