Add an option to add any text color for pdf in OnlyOffice mobile app


What I mean by text color is the letters.

Add these two features:

a. Add suggested colors so that we can choose like dark(this color text is only available), dark grey, dark blue, grey, brown, red, blue, purple etc.

b. And add custom text color. I have named the video “custom text color”. So, in the video we have an option to choose any text color we want. This could be made for pdf in OO mobile app.

c. If You don’t want to add the suggestion a. then at least add suggestion b.


custom text color

hi @nicesto

Currently, we are in the process of improving our application’s with the PDF format and will try to take your suggestion into account.
However, it should be noted that at the moment we can’t say for sure that the improvement you have proposed will be implemented soon.

We appreciate that you are using our application, and thank you for your suggestion :handshake: