Add an option for scrollbar in OO mobile app and inside scrollbar a number to see on which page are we on


This option is available in some PDF editors on Google play store.
I have named the screenshot “page number inside scrollbar”, so that You can see how that looks like. So to add a scrollbar and inside a number to show when scrolling on which page are we currently on. This should apply when reading files and when editing files.

I have also named the video “scrollbar number”. The scrollbar should appear when we scroll through the file.
And when we click, hold and scroll with scrollbar, it should show us a number of the current page.

Make this suggestion available on all OO tools(Presentation, Spreadsheet, Document), if it’s not possible to make this on all OO tools, make on those tools where it can be supported.


scrollbar number

Hello @nicesto

Thank you for the suggestion. We are taking closer look at it.

We have similar suggestion to display page number when scrolling a document already registered. However, our vision differs a bit in a way that instead of mark-up on the scroll-bar we are planning to display it in a balloon above the keyboard or the lower edge of the display if keyboard is inactive/hidden.

I’ve added your idea to it. Thank you.