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Add a tool for making Quotes (similar to the exisiting invoice system)

Currently, our small business uses quotes as a means of explaining a service and offering a price to a perspective customer (prior to an agreement being drafted, or direct conversion into an invoice). Quotes are a valuable way to receive client feedback and are near identical to the look of an invoice (which is appreciated by the client). Can this feature be considered for OnlyOffice Workspace? For reference, the FOSS project, InvoiceNinja, offers a system where quotes can be created, digitally approved by a client and then cloned or converted into an invoice(s). Below is an example workflow we use for small projects:

Client Contact → CRM Entry → Information Collected → Quote Issued → Quote Revision/Approval → Project/Tasks → Invoicing → Completion.

Quotes tend to be used by smaller outfits (such as ourselves), so I am not sure if it would be valuable for OnlyOffice to spend development dollars on it (but one can hope!)

I will also be interested in such a tool for making offers and converting them into invoices. But I think that Onlyoffice is not aimed for this task but more towards document management and simple CRM solution. I am currently using an external offer/invoicing tool because I am the only one who has to do it myself. But if several people are involved with it, it will be interesting. Regards, Konstantin

Hello Konstantin. I am glad to see that our company isn’t the only one looking for this kind of functionality. You mentioned that OnlyOffice has a simplified vision for its CRM and I believe this to be accurate. Actually, this is the main reason that we are considering OnlyOffice for our CRM needs. I have a several non-technology savvy staff members who need to make quotes, invoices, opportunities, and project tasks, but they do not have the skills to work a complicated user interface.

Right now, I have to deploy two servers to cover “most” of our needs; unfortunately, they don’t communicate with each other (InvoiceNinja and OpenProject). It would be nice to have all the functionality under one server application with a very clean UI. My hope was that since the OnlyOffice developers had gone through all the work to make an invoice module, that the code could be reused with modifications to make an identical module that generates and track quotes. Fancy features like direct client approval are not truly necessary.

If you have any other thoughts, I would be curious to hear them. While OnlyOffice’s focus tends to be more on document creation/management, it is also one of the only “simple” open-source CRMs that I have been able to find.

Hello @ChrisHRD and @Prof_h_c_K_Krause
We have checked your request and we added your suggestion to internal tracksystem (internal number - 57871 - Quote feature).
We have started working on it. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with exact timeframes of release of this mechanism at the moment.

Hello @Alexandre . Thank you for looking into the possibility. Hopefully, one day this will be a value add for your broader userbase.

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