Accessing onlyoffice Portal?

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Document Server version:
Type of installation of the Document Server: Linux port
Browser version: Firefox 96.0.3

I successfully installed onlyoffice-documentserver in a FreeBSD 12.2 jail using the port that Mikael Urankar made available through the official FreeBSD ports website (FreshPorts -- www/onlyoffice-documentserver: Secure office and productivity apps )(i know freebsd is not officially supported but please hear me out).

When i point my browser to my onlyoffice server’s ip address (in my case i am greeted by the onlyoffice welcome page indicating that the document server is running properly as follows:

Now, how do i get from here to the onlyoffice portal so i can restrict access to the server, manage users and to access online editors?

This is my first time experimenting with onlyoffice so, please, feel free to point me to another forum thread that is relevant to this problem (i honestly could not find one).

ONLYOFFICE Document Server is just editors, you have to connect it to some document storage to be able to edit documents.
If you want DMS+Document Server combined, you need to install ONLYOFFICE Workspace:
Unfortunately, we don’t have Workspace installations for FreeBSD.

Got it.
So, if i integrate my OnlyOffice DocumentServer to my Nextcloud server (aka my “document storage”), will I be able to access the OnlyOffice Portal instead of the “Welcome” page?

Or will it just be available from the nextcloud interface?

ONLYOFFICE Portal is available if you install ONLYOFFICE Community Server. The solution that is called Workspace is a combination of Document Server and Community Server, in this case you get a portal + editors. Installing Document Server you get only editors that you need to integrate with some platform. By integrating the Document Server with your Nextcloud, you will be able to edit documents in Nextcloud.

I think i get it now. The behavior of my OnlyOffice instance is normal and i should not expect to see a portal with my current configuration.

I honestly thought that the document server was the same thing as the community edition.

I guess my confusion came as a result of the OnlyOffice Webpage which lists a product called “ONLYOFFICE Docs Community Edition”. In contrast, under ONLYOFFICE Workspace, there is no mention of the term “community Edition”.

But that is just semantics and irrelevant at this point.

Thanks one more time for the patience and clarification.

Yes, sorry for the confusion. Here are the product names:
ONLYOFFICE Docs Community Edition (free open-source Document Server version) - editors that you need to integrate with some DMS.
ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise/Developer Edition (commercial Document Server versions) - same.
ONLYOFFICE Workspace (free solution) - portals + editors.
ONLYOFFICE Workspace Enterprise (commercial solution) - same.