ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released: enhanced forms, SmartArt, new security settings, Watch Window, and more
ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Accessing onlyoffice docker installed databases from a graphical db management tool

I have an existing OnlyOffice installation, before I attempt any update or backup I want to understand as much about this installation as I can. At this time I’m focusing on how I would connect and access (without changing anything) that databases it uses. Regardless whether this makes sense or not I have my reasons. I did not install OnlyOffice but I’m forced to get a handle on this and be the one to maintain it.

Here is what I want to be able to do (eventually):

  • run a graphical database management tool like DBeaver on laptop we’ll call ubuntu-laptopA
  • have DBeaver remote ssh from ubuntu-laptopA to server (ubuntu-srvrB) running docker and onlyoffice container

Had the mysql database been running as systemd server or running as regular process I think I know what to do. However, it’s running in a container. Since it’s being accessed by other containers, I assume it’s using a bridge and can still be reached somehow.


  • Given a typical OnlyOffice docker install, how can we access a docker contained mysql database?
  • Where would I find the user and password needed to connect to the db? I didn’t install this software
  • I see from a “docker ps” command the port mappings, how do I figure out which, if any are tied to accessing the port
  • If my goal is understood, but I’m missing something please help me.

Self hosted OnlyOfice
docker installation
Ubuntu 18.04

Hello @timbopoise

I sent you instruction via PM message. Please check your inbox.

I’d like instructions on how to manage the docker container mysql dB as well please.

Ubuntu 22 with OnlyOffice Enterprise latest.

Hello @AsylumServe

Please note that we do not recommend making changes to the databases without need.
Specify the scenario that you want to achieve with access to database.

Yes. thank you. Thanks to @Alexandre we are working on rebuilding our server.

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