Accents not working in Linux version in Chromebook

When working in the Linux version of OnlyOffice Document Editor version (deb) installed in a Chromebook with ChromeOS version 126 and trying to type accented words like “résume”, the accented characters are ignored.

Any other application in the Chromebook (Android, Linux or ChromeOS) works fine with accented characters.

Hello @cf.rubio

Can you provide a video demonstration on which you are reproducing the issue step by step? It’d help in understanding how exactly words with accents are added for visual reference.

Thanks for following up. I used to have the issue with accents when using OnlyOffice in my Chromebook and having the English (US) with International keyboard setup in Input methods. However, after reinstalling OnlyOffice the issue was gone.

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Thank you for your reply. I’m glad to know that the issue is resolved now.

Marking this thread as solved then.