About microsoft word document page size problems

hello, everyone
we are using onlyoffice docker(which’s version is onlyoffice:8.0.1) of Community edition to provide service of viewing multiple formats files. There is a problem about viewing some microsoft word documents, some documents are normal in opening with local microsoftware word office, but when we upload that to our server, and open them with onlyoffice docker online, the document line is narrowed down, hence it accommodate less words on one line, hence some document’s style may be changed and be different from the style opened with local microsoft word software.
Why would it happen, and how can i solve that problem.
Or can you tell me a way to broaden the page size of document with front-end vue plug-in programing, i study this way and can’t find any solution in your api.

thank you very much.

Hello @wxi

Please provide demonstration screenshots when opening such file in named document processor and ONLYOFFICE Docs for better visual understanding. Additionally I’d be useful to have test document that demonstrates the issue on real example and to know version of used MS Word.