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I want to read and write documents in OO externally. I saw this plug-in today,(https://github.com/ONLYOFFICE/sdkjs-plugins/tree/master/externallistener). I just started OO. I set config.plugins.autostart to make it run, but there was no effect. I want to know how to make it effective externally? Can you help me?

You can install the plugin directly to /var/www/onlyoffice/documentserver/sdkjs-plugins/
Note that you need to run supervisorctl restart all for the plugin to work after its installation.

I have succeeded. thank you.

May i know if this plugin is still working? i try to install and did follow the above to restart with no success. Appreicate your help.

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sdkjs-plugins/externallistener at master · ONLYOFFICE/sdkjs-plugins · GitHub

This plugin works in the document editor only.

Hi many thanks but seems i switched to editor and it’s the same. Do you have any sample working code on this plugin? or are there any recently changes make it fail to work? or should i post you our code here? Appreciate it.

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The sample provided in the Github repo is working

Have you installed the plugin to the server or just edited the html file?

Really thanks. What i did is mv folder to the sdkjs-plugin and the restart the supervisorctl restart. Do i need to do any other command to install the plugin? many thanks

This should be enough. Also you can try to clear browser cache\cookies. After that you should be able to see the plugin in the plugins tab.
By the way, we have a guide how to install plugins here: Adding new plugins to server editors - ONLYOFFICE