About excel switching sheet

Hi,my friend

Recently I have some new troubles

How does excel switch sheets

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Hello @mao
Please let us know your ONLYOFFICE Documents app version, also let us know exact version of your device and android version.
Also please take a look at this guide: Manage existing sheets - ONLYOFFICE

Hi Alexandre!

Thank you for your reply

We are currently using 7.2.2

  • Attached after,test(deviceModel~osVersion~browserName~browserVersion)Please

  • I already read the link, but the setting for mobile is not found


We are currently using 7.2.2

Ah, now I got it. You are using stand-alone Document server, am I right? So does the issue reproduce when you open xlsx files via mobile browser?
If so, is it possible to update your installation do Document server v.7.3.2 and double check the situation?
If I misunderstood the situation, please clarify it.

Hey bro!

We have upgraded to 7.3.2

Unfortunately, I still can’t find a place to switch sheets

Maybe you can demonstrate it to me on mobile

  • And we use the community edition

Looking forward to your reply! :grin:

Hello @mao
Please clarify if you have integrated Document server with any storage (Nextcloud, Seafile, etc.). Let us know exact version of your storage and connector app.

Hi Alexandre

The version we use is:

  • The current test is shown in the image above

  • We used for the development version, but that doesn’t work either

Thank you for your reply.

Did you integrate the Document server with some storage? or did you run your tests on the integrated example of storage?

It’s on a separate server.

And now there are some problems.

iOS devices can stall when zooming in, zooming out or moving around in use and sometimes need to restart the app to recover.

I don’t think I can handle it.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hello @mao

There is newer version of Mobile App available. Please update it and check the situation again.

If I understand correctly this is new issue and it is not related to the original one from this thread about missing bottom toolbar that allows switching between sheets in spreadsheet editor. Please make new thread specifically on it to avoid mixing up several topic on one thread.