ONLYOFFICE Docs v6.4 with conditional formatting, new scaling options, and WOPI protocol support
ONLYOFFICE Docs v6.4 released

About Android App

hey sir i downloaded the android app sdk of onlyoffice but when i am complying there will be error coming lib not found of libgeditor libgcells

can u tell me is that library paid or else?


Please send a screenshot with the error, your device and your OS information. Please provide us with the information about what actions does this error cause.

Its showing not found when i click on any docx file bcoz mplementation(project(’:libeditors’))
implementation project(’:libslides’)
implementation project(’:libdocs’)
implementation project(’:libcells’)
implementation project(’:libgeditors’)
implementation project(’:libgslides’)
implementation project(’:libgdocs’)
implementation project(’:libgcells’)

these all library not found

and i remove these library it will run success but when i open any files showing these error

Can u tell me one thing the source code of Android only office sdk in github is that correct??


Thank you for the screenshots! Please tell us, did you download the application in Google Play? What is the version? Try to uninstall the application and download it once again.

Can u tell me one thing the source code of Android only office sdk in github is that correct??

That’s right, this is the source code, but it can only be used with a private key.

When i downloaded the application from google play its working fine but when i running their code which they provide in github that giving error

That is the code link

May i kwn can we compile this source code which they provided bcoz that showing above mentioned error


Unfortunately, you can’t compile the code because parts of the source code are located in private repositories.

Please see discussion about the issue.

So is there any way to compile code bcoz i need for my college if any paid let me kwn?


Unfortunately, we do not plan to relocate the code and make it fully available for public use.

We are sorry for the inconveniences.

Will u send me we will pay u bcoz i need for my college project

Hey sir will send me please??


Sorry for the delay in response!

Please contact to discuss the purchasing a code.

Best regards,

But when i mailed there that will be come back email not found

Please tell us, are you using gmail? Please send a screenshot with the email address inserted in the “recipient” field.

Yes plz check below screenshot

Is that ok?

It seems like an issue with gmail. Please try this instruction.