Ability to save as PDF in document contains vector image

dear Developers,

in Document i have successfully insert vector image (wmf) even the application restrict only bitmap format is allowed.

editing, reopening the document is working without any problems. however saving in PDF is not as expected, the quality image are blocked by black colors.

high quality document are essential for technical writer and many others, supporting to one of these file type could be great features to improves.

best regards,

Hello @zyonxt
Please provide us with an example of the file with vector image. We’ll check it out.

thank you for intertest to look further of my problems,

file links

Thank you for the provided file. We are checking the issue. When we get any news, I will update this post.

Hello @zyonxt
My colleagues notified me that you already posted the same request on the GitHub. We reproduced the issue and we added a bug to internal tracklist (bug number - 55616). Please do not post the same question in different channels.

dear @Alexandre

my post did not allow me to attach an images of problem due to my member new status. so i do posting in GitHub also, which allowed to do it.

please, apologize for any inconvenience.