A specific Word document may be causing an internal error in DocumentServer

Document Server version:7.5.1
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
Browser version:119


This error is not limited to the Docker version; the official website’s SASS version also encounters the same issue.

Here is the error message

[2023-12-08T05:40:05.391] [INFO] [localhost] [] [uid-1] nodeJS - Start Task
[2023-12-08T05:40:05.741] [DEBUG] [localhost] [] [uid-1] nodeJS - downloadFile complete filesize=39824639 sha256=fa6ec5a4e232350f785160893800eec309c553ab269345199180864e909a5188
[2023-12-08T05:40:10.463] [ERROR] [localhost] [] [uid-1] nodeJS - stdout:
[2023-12-08T05:40:10.463] [ERROR] [localhost] [] [uid-1] nodeJS - stderr:
[2023-12-08T05:40:10.463] [ERROR] [localhost] [] [uid-1] nodeJS - ExitCode (code=0;signal=SIGSEGV;error:-80)
[2023-12-08T05:40:10.463] [DEBUG] [localhost] [] [uid-1] nodeJS - output (data={"ctx":{"tenant":"localhost","docId":"","userId":"uid-1"},"cmd":{"withAuthorization":true,"wopiParams":null,"c":"open","id":"","userid":"uid-1","format":"docx","url":"","title":"xxxxx.docx","outputformat":8193,"outputpath":"Editor.bin","embeddedfonts":false,"status_info":-80,"lcid":9,"nobase64":true,"convertToOrigin":".pdf.xps.oxps.djvu"}})

I debugged and found that it is an issue with the ‘convert’ module in the Node backend. I suspect the key problematic code is as follows.

    let spawnAsyncPromise = spawnAsync(processPath, childArgs, spawnOptions);
    childRes = spawnAsyncPromise.child;
    let waitMS = task.getVisibilityTimeout() * 1000 - (new Date().getTime() - getTaskTime.getTime());
    timeoutId = setTimeout(function() {
      isTimeout = true;
      timeoutId = undefined;
      //close stdio streams to enable emit 'close' event even if HtmlFileInternal is hung-up
    }, waitMS);
    childRes = yield spawnAsyncPromise;

It seems to be an issue with the ‘x2t’ module in the C++ program.
Let’s discussing the file internally on the forum and send it to you, just like last time.
Looking forward to your reply. Thank you!

2.The temporary solution

My current temporary solution is to manually convert it to Word 97-2003 version using Microsoft Word, which resolves the issue.

Hello @hufei

Can you please specify what is the original format of this document? I am concerned about your solution, because older formats (.DOC, .XLS, .PPT) are automatically converted into OOXML Format (native for Document Server).

To share the file itself, please contact me via PM.

The original format of the file is docx.

raw format:

target format

Thank you. I received the file too.
We are checking the situation, I’ll let you know once any news come up.

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We have found out several issues related to internal errors, they will be fixed in new version of Document Server. Thank you for reporting them.

Hi @Constantine , will it be fixed in the next version 8.0? What is the internal tracking number for this issue? If possible, could you share the cause of this error?

Wish you a happy work and life, looking forward to your reply. :heart_hands:

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Yes, it will be fixed in next 8.0 release of Document Server.

I’m in no posses of such information.

Document Server was facing an issue with segmentation during conversion process of the file when opening it for editing. I’m afraid that there are no further details I can provide about this issue.

I appreciate that. I wish you happy holidays too!

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oh nice ! @Constantine
I found that you have already released version 8.0.0. I just compiled it and discovered that the issue has been fixed!
Thank you very much for your team’s work. In the future, I will definitely recommend your product to people around me. As the Chinese New Year is approaching, I wish you a happy New Year celebration! :tada:

Please note that ONLYOFFICE Docs 8.0 hasn’t been officially released yet. We strongly recommend to avoid using any testing builds as they may be unstable and cause various problems.

We will release a post once new version is available publicly.