A few suggestions after trying OnlyOffice for a few hours

I get that the software is new and it takes a lot of times to develop a full featured Office suite, so here are a few things that need to be added/addressed for any user considering switching from other free Office suite like LibreOffice or WPS

  1. Ability to have templates and save configuration in them, like the Styles, page, etc.
  2. Ability to edit the Styles (Normal, Headings) and maintain their configuration after closing/opening document (related to #1)
  3. Keyboard shortcuts. Seriously. there’s no keyboard shortcut to Open a file, or create a new one
  4. There should be a centralized “settings” page. Ex. for “documents” There are settings on the left pane, other on the right pane, again other in the overflow menu on the top right, etc.
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Hello Chris,

1-2. Thank you for the suggestions! I have forwarded them to our developers for further consideration.
3. The combination Ctrl+O works in ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors. It opens the standard dialog box that allows to select an existing file. As far as a shortcut for creating a new file is concerned, I forwarded this suggestion to our developers.
4. Could you please provide more details regarding your suggestion about settings? All the settings sections serve different purposes:

Advanced Settings can be accessed in two ways - from the File tab and from the View settings View settings icon icon;

Right sidebar allows adjusting additional parameters of different objects.

About #4, Having settings sections is not a bad thing, but there should also be a page containing all the settings in one place. It’s really hard to find things
Request #5,It seems the autocorrect options works only for symbols for math and symbols, but not for regular texts and expressions. You should add this (like “intl” for “international”, etc.

Hello Chris,
I have forwarded your suggestion #5 to our developers to be potentially included to the software.
#4 Could you please describe your suggestion more precisely? What settings do you mean to include in a page with all the settings? Probably you can site and example from another program where this feature is implemented?

Here is my own suggestion:

In France, we use the comma “,” to separate decimal. Eg: 12,34

In ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheet, I’d like that the Numpad dot key be mapped with the regional separator character, comma “,” in my case, as it is working in Excel.

I don’t see any settings related to this option. I tried to tick or untick the “Use separators based on system settings” but no impact.

In the absence of this parameter, I need to constantly switch between Numpad for numbers, and comma on keyboard to separate decimals. It’s a major obstacle to quickly type numbers.

Thanks in advance

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Hello @Thomas !
Could you please provide screenshots or a screencapture video reproducing the issue?

Sure. Here is the screencapture of OnlyOffice Spreadsheet when typing 1234.56 with the Numeric Pad of my keyboard. Expected result in my locale is 1234,56.


2nd screencapture with the Windows Calculator which correctly map the “.” (dot) to “,” (comma) in my locale.


Don’t know if this matters but I’m using Windows 10 with English display language, but Regional Settings are set to France / French :
Screenshot_2022-01-04 18_03_39-Settings

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Hello @Thomas ! I apologize for such delay in reply. This is a known bug in our software, our Development Team is working on its solution. Unfortunately, there is no exact release date.

I confirm issue of “.” and “,” is a real blocker for french users. Especially novice users that just want the software to works.

By the way, thank you for your work, I really appreciate OnlyOffice and it allows me to switch from Windows to Linux.

Hello @alxnbl

Thank you for the possitive feedback! I hope this bug will be fixed in one of the future releases.

Following up the comment from @alxnbl - it’s not only French users. In this article we can see some of the countries that use commas as decimal separators:

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