A bug related to AR language support, (spreadsheet)

Hi, ONLYOFFICE team, hope you’re doing great,
So, I have ditched MS Office for ONLYOFFICE, and I’m glade to do so, but sadly that’s end till I faced this bug
I was working on a spreadsheet that is written in AR headers with Some EN words from RTL, but the app mirrors the sheet make it in the opposite direction like when you face a paper to the mirror, I really like your app and I appreciate your amazing efforts by making such strong competitive to MS Office, So please try to fix this problem because I believe this is very vital to all AR native speaker I could provide you with MY spreadsheet, if it is necessary.
This bug has been solved in Document, in current release, but sadly that wasn’t applied on spreadsheet.
— Thank you all, for your remarkable works.
OS version: Windows 10, Ubuntu
App version:
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website.

Hi @Islam :wave:

Unfortunately, at the moment, our Spreadsheet editor doesn’t include RTL.
We are already working on it and plan to add this functionality in version 8.2 or in the versions close to it.

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I’m glade to hear that, thank you for giving attention…

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